150 E Lohman Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88001 – Phone: (575) 524-1968

Historical Significance

The Armijo House is an adobe building located at 150 E. Lohman Ave. at the south end of Church Street. It is believed to be the first two-story house in Las Cruces. After he purchased the property in 1877, Nestor Armijo expanded an existing one-story house and added a second story and veranda. The building was listed on the New Mexico Register of Historic Places in 1969 and on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Prior to Armijo’s ownership, the house was a one-story adobe dwelling with four rooms. It is assumed the property was constructed prior to 1867. Before his purchase, at least six people owned portions of what became the Armijo property.

Armijo added two rooms to the north end of the existing house, with a second story containing two rooms at the north. A second-story veranda was added at the north, wrapping around the east elevation. A small “Juliet” balcony was built at the upper west room window.

Armijo died in 1911, leaving the house to his granddaughter, Josefa. Following her death in 1977, the house reverted to the ownership of developers who had purchased the Armijo property from the Archdiocese of El Paso. The fate of the unoccupied house was unresolved as it deteriorated until it was purchased and rehabilitated as a bank branch by Pioneer Savings and Loan in 1981.

The Pioneer bank rehabilitation resulted in alterations to the building interior including the addition of restrooms and installation of central heating and air conditioning. However, Pioneer endeavored to restore the house and retained many interior features, including trim and wood floors. Exterior window and porch trim were repaired and replicated. The bank operated in the building until 1991. The building later housed office spaces rented by Citizens Bank, but by 2009, it was again vacant and exhibiting structural damage.

Various efforts to purchase the historic house or have it donated to the City of Las Cruces have culminated in the transfer of the property from Amador Bancshares to the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce in December 2011.



Tour of the future home of the Chamber by Ed Colligan, GGG Grandson of Nestor Armijo