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Chamber FAQs

Membership FAQ’s

Why join the Chamber of Commerce? 
The Chamber of Commerce offers resources and networking opportunities for businesses of any size. Our mission is to serve the community of Las Cruces by promoting growth in our region.

How can I make an investment with the Chamber?
There are several ways to join the Chamber. We are located at 150 E. Lohman Ave. Our office hours are M-F 8:30am-5:30pm. You are also click on the join now button on the homepage to fill out an electronic version of our membership form.

When does my membership begin?
Every membership begins on the date your payment is posted and runs on an annual basis. Ex: Your business joins the GLCCC on July 1st. The membership date will last until June 30th of the following year.

What are my member benefits?
The GLCCC offers investment packages that include benefits for every business. Please call our office to request a benefits package or to customize your investment.

When does my membership expire?
All memberships last one year in length starting from the date your business joins. Each member will receive a renewal invoice prior to the membership deadline.

Do I have to pay my membership in its entirety?
Although payment of membership is always encouraged, we do offer customized payment plans. Every membership requires the first month to be paid up front.

What networking opportunities does the Chamber offer?
The COC host several networking events throughout the year that are designed for each member to connect with the community. Our events calendar can be found on our homepage.

How can I post an upcoming event?
Chambers members can post their upcoming events on our website by filling out the short questionnaire that can be found on our web page. The form will be sent to our office for approval before being added to the calendar of events.

How do I log in to my chamber account?
The member login can be found on our homepage. Each Chamber member is issued a username and password upon join date. Please contact the Chamber office to retrieve that information.

Is a customized investment package an option?
The GLCCC offers several investment packages including memberships that are business specific. If your business is interested in customizing your package please contact the Chamber office today.

What Chamber events can my business sponsor?
Sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year. Please contact the Chamber staff for detailed information at 575-524-1968.

Are Chamber events open to any business?
Our events are open to the public. Several events are free of charge; however, we do host events that require a small fee. Please see our events calendar or call the Chamber office for more details.

How do I register for an event?
Event registration is available on our website through the events calendar.