Aug 25th, 2014

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The mission of the New Mexico State University Foundation Inc. is to foster personal and corporate philanthropy, to continually excel in its fundraising performance, to be a prudent and productive steward of its endowments, and honor its profound fiduciary responsibility to its donors all within its commitment to proudly serve and assist New Mexico State University in becoming one of the nation’s pre-eminent universities and leading land-grant universities.


The New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc.

is a private 501(C)3 organization, tasked with ... Continue Reading

Aug 25th, 2014

Leadership Las Cruces see ins and outs of city, county, state

As part of the July Leadership Las Cruces day, the team set up a tour of local and state government entities.

State Reps. Terry McMillan and Bill McCamley were part of the morning panel session during which the class engaged in a fluid question-and-answer session concerning the state legislature. The discussion included bills, committee assignment, elections and some of the unforeseen challenges each face at the legislature.

The second session of the day was held at City Hall. Assistant City Manager Brian Denmark and Utilities Director Jorge Garcia presented to the class. ... Continue Reading

Sep 8th, 2014


2100 SUMMIT COURT • 575-532-5264 • WWW.SITEL.COM

Communicating around the globe Sitel provides customers proactive support

Call centers around the world have made it easier for customers to communicate with different companies or services. In Las Cruces, Sitel has become the gateway of communication for two of its clients.

Sitel is privately held corporation headquartered in Tennessee. The corporation has 110 sites in 23 countries and utilizes 40 languages. It provides more than 56,000 jobs and focus on its global presence combined with its local knowledge. That allows it to respond quickly to local needs and market changes.

Sitel officials believe the greatest ... Continue Reading

Sep 8th, 2014

More work still needed on 150-year-old building

Work is ongoing at the Armijo House.

Many of you took the tour during our March Business After Hours and saw the inside of the building for the first time.

Due to where the sequencing of the work being done, much of it is going unnoticed.

The interior stabilization is almost complete and we will soon be calling in the electricians, plumbers, mechanical and phone/data folks to install conduit and begin pulling wires.

In addition, due to the rain that we have been experiencing, and who can really complain about that, some of the efforts on the outside ... Continue Reading

Sep 15th, 2014

The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce does a terrific job of providing networking opportunities.

With more than 50 events each year, there is always a chance to meet your next customer or make sure that you stay in touch with a current client. Networking is truly one of the linchpins of the Chamber’s program of work.

However, instead of using “networking,” I prefer to call it “building business relationships.” That is what we are really helping to facilitate.

Last week, the New Mexico Chamber Executives Association held its summer conference in Ruidoso. It was an opportunity for Troy and me to build ... Continue Reading