Oct 12th, 2014

Incorporating the local culture Local hotel is now a partner with Virgin Galactic

The southern New Mexico culture can be seen throughout the Las Cruces area.

One business in particular has made its purpose to preserve the cultural heritage of the community and its surrounding areas. Inside the walls and exterior of Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, the facility is flourishing with vibrant colors and unique features.

“To successfully provide a unique and culturally authentic experience for our guests,” is Hotel Encanto’s mission statement.

Hotel Encanto opened as the Hilton Las Cruces in October 1986 and operated as a Hilton until September 2006 when it ... Continue Reading

May 15th, 2013

More than just numbers

3791 E. LOHMAN AVE.; 300 E. FOSTER ROAD; 3105 DEL REY BLVD. • 526-4401 • WWW.FIRSTLIGHTFCU.ORG By Rachel Christiansen If you didn’t go to school for accounting, the banking world can seem like a mythical place filled with scary numbers and acronyms. That’s why the folks at FirstLight Federal Credit Union want to make it clear they are not a typical bank – actually, they’re not a bank at all. Instead of having customers, a credit union has members, and each of FirstLight’s 112,000 members in the Las Cruces and El Paso areas are part owners in the ... Continue Reading

Nov 10th, 2014


Committed to the community Premier Distributing Company supports charities, hires locally

Premier Distributing Company’s mission is to:

1. Serve the retailer. 2. Serve the employee 3. Increase productivity 4. Increase market share We provide Premier service and products to our customers, employees and community through quality and teamwork while maintaining profitability and gaining market share.

Premier Distributing Company was formed in 1982 by Dobbs Management Service (DMS) out of Memphis, Tenn. From the very beginning, DMS made the commitment that Premier Distributing would be a company firmly grounded in its community. The ... Continue Reading

Dec 8th, 2014

Business of the Month – Adams Radio Group Adams Radio Group is a medium to small market radio company focused on local radio operations and creating great marketing opportunities in the local communities.  Since purchasing Radio of Las Cruces, they have been making steady improvements to their equipment, studios as well as investing in the local community through partnerships.  One of which is with the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce. Recently we joined forces on several spots airing on the impact of spending your money locally and its importance to the community as a great example of this. “We are heavily ... Continue Reading

Dec 12th, 2014

While the Bean has been around for a while, if you have been by lately you will have noticed some changes. A lot of work both inside and out has been going on since January. Fresh coats of paint, repairs to the patio, new floor in the bathroom and a new heater installed just in time for the cooler weather in Las Cruces. There have been some changes to the menu as well, a few items added to the list of delicious baked goods as well as improvements and changes to the menu items.

Since January the Bean has been under new ... Continue Reading