Dec 22nd, 2014

This is the time of the year to reflect. If you have the time that is. It is also the time of the year to give thanks for all that we have. One thing I am eternally thankful for is the support the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce receives from our volunteers.As we prepped for our annual board retreat, we looked at a number of things that we do operationally, including the number of events we put on and the number of committee meetings that we hold. I was startled that that combined number is nearly 300! That is more ... Continue Reading

Jan 26th, 2015

Group of partners work to formulate requests By Bill Allen CEO/President After reading a comment about the Doña Ana Legislative Coalition recently, it spurred the need to provide some clarity as to the mission of the group. The group is made up of representatives from New Mexico State University, the Las Cruces Public Schools, the Gadsden School District, the Hatch Valley Public School, the City of Las Cruces, Doa Ana County, the Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance, the Las Cruces Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce. The makeup of the group always leads to community related ... Continue Reading

Feb 2nd, 2015

Every new year brings with it new challenges as well as new opportunities.

The Chamber’s new three-year strategic plan brings with it much of the same. With the support of the board of directors, we will be embarking into somewhat unfamiliar territory – but it is territory that we must go toward to provide the necessary support for the local business community.

There will be four seats open during this fall’s election – three from the City Council as well as the mayor’s position. For the first time the Chamber will be proactive in this area. We will be training and endorsing ... Continue Reading

Mar 30th, 2015

On the heels of Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe, during which almost 200 business people traveled north to advocate for probusiness issues important to southern New Mexico, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce needs to keep the pressure on the state Legislature to make certain our voice is heard. All of our “asks” are designed to help the community move forward and to improve the quality of life in southern New Mexico. What is interesting, in light of the lower available money due to the downturn in oil prices, is that our capital requests are less than ... Continue Reading

Mar 9th, 2015

One possible area of agreement, no matter what side of the aisle or fence you might sit on, is that our local economy is not flourishing.

Although we have seen some positive signs, southern New Mexico was late coming out of the recession and some say we are still in it. Our dependence on the federal government for money and jobs makes us beholden to a group that we have little influence, and even less control, over.

We sit at a crossroads where we either accept what is given to us by Washington, D.C., or we look to ourselves, here locally, to ... Continue Reading