Health Reform 101





Resources for Your Business: Preparing for the Health Reform Law

This site provides a number of educational resources to help you prepare for implementation of major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA):
  • The Penalty Calculator assists businesses in figuring out whether they must offer coverage and what the potential penalty might be under the employer mandate.
  • The Coverage or Penalty Chart helps a business determine if it has to offer coverage and/or pay a penalty due to the employer mandate.
  • The Added Costs Table highlights the revenue provisions of the law, the effective date, and the revenue impact (PDF).
  • The Interactive Timeline outlines when key provisions of the law will take effect and offers a brief description of each provision.
  • The Workplace Wellness page includes the Chamber’s Workplace Wellness Toolkit to help employers set up a workplace wellness program.
  • The Press Room and Video pages provide recent news and video coverage of how the PPACA is affecting the business community.
  • The FAQ page offers in-depth answers and definitions to help businesses navigate the employer mandate.


The Employer Mandate: Coverage or Penalty?

Employers voluntarily provide health care coverage to more than 170 million Americans. However, the employer mandate, a major provision within the new law, puts heavy regulatory burdens on the business community, effectively deterring growth and creating further economic uncertainty.

The employer mandate, which takes effect in January 2015, will be the first time that a federal mandate requires employers to offer prescribed health care coverage or potentially face a penalty (see the Coverage or Penalty Chart).

The specifics on how this will affect your business depend on a number of factors, including whether you are a small employer or an applicable large employer, whether you will self-insure your coverage, whether you will be purchasing fully insured coverage in the small group and individual market or the large group market. Learn more here.

For help navigating the new law, visit the U.S. Chamber’s Health Reform Law 101 website.


The materials on this website have been developed for educational purposes only. We urge you to consult with an attorney or benefit consultant to understand your legal obligations under the law. In many instances, the rules have yet to be written. Experts are continuing to debate how various provisions of the law will be implemented and enforced. Many basic elements may change and there are numerous exceptions. Please contact an attorney or benefit consultant to verify how the law will affect your specific company, benefit offering, and scenario.