Chair Greeting

Welcome to the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

We have a rich history of making a difference in our community and the vision of our past leaders will continue to mold the path of the Chamber in support of over 800 Chamber members. We will remain active in supporting candidates for office that are in tune with the business community and we will continue working with our city and county officials on growing our city. We need to hear from you,  our members in order to have a strong voice and to be able to represent you well in front of our city and county leadership.

The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce hosts forums and events featuring political candidates and elected officials. These events provide the opportunity to meet with and express your opinion about important decisions that impact your business.

Every business benefits in some way from membership with the Chamber and the benefits are dramatic for small businesses joining together with their peers in this way. Here are just a few of the many opportunities your local Chamber offers for the business community and a few suggestions for getting the most out of your membership.

The Chamber is the voice of its members to government officials and advocates for the interests of business. Your investment supports the efforts that the Chamber makes on your behalf to make your community a better place for your business to be a success. This alone is a reason to become a member!
For many of us, it is important to be visible. Networking groups and Chamber sponsored social events are designed for members to meet and do business together. If your business depends on local-business generation, these events provide an opportunity that should not be overlooked. If your customer base is not local, the connections you make in these groups can be an invaluable source of local goods and services for your business needs.

If your interest is in welcoming new members to the Chamber, The Conquistadors may be the group for you. Any one of our Chamber representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have about joining this group.

If you are not a member of the Chamber you should consider becoming one today. As a member, there are many opportunities to promote your business to include the Relocations guide/Business Directory, online directory, networking events and much more.  The cost of a membership is very modest and the return-on-investment can be fantastic!

Rick Jackson
Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce