What motivates us?

Apr 20th, 2015

Beautiful April weather is with us, and there is nothing to complain about here in Las Cruces, especially for someone who was born and raised New Jersey.

I was thinking about what exactly would motivate a Conquistadore to wake up 4 o’clock in the morning to help with Bataan Memorial Death March as well as other Conquistadore events. One response I received from fellow Conquistadores is they love being part of the community.

There are Conquistadores who moved to Las Cruces from other parts of the country, and they would like to Mary Iadicicco Chair of Conquistadores 2015know different parts of the business community and getting together feels likes a party with friends. They like learning about different programs the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce offers. I have also received a response stating that they love to come out to see the runners and walkers who participate in this great event, the Bataan Memorial Death March.

During the Bataan Memorial Death March, there were almost 6,000 participants, and these Conquistadores went out and supported them. They said showing support for the survivors and their families gives them a good feeling – as does seeing our military come out from all over the country, and even from all over the world, carrying heavy backpacks as well as the American flag. Some are walking with no limbs, yet they know they are walking for a good cause. The Conquistadores, as well as myself, feel all our senses come alive within us at that very moment. One of my favorites responses is from seasoned Conquistadore Ron Salak – who will be leaving us in May – who said it is because of Don Buck, our most seasoned Conquistadore. Buck has helped with the Bataan Memorial Death March for 25 years and said he knew these survivors from the Bataan Death March. His dad and his uncles were in WWII and they all came back.

The Conquistadores are like friends who get together each time and celebrate either a new business opening, an anniversary of a business, groundbreaking, business of the month or just getting together. We all come from different parts of the country and have different occupations, and without the Conquistadores, we would not have met.

Mary Iadicicco Chair of Conquistadores 2015