Waltrex Corporation - Small Business of the Month June 2014

Jun 16th, 2014

Staying on top of evolving technology


With the evolution Waltrex Corporation of technology, it seems like a new gadget enters the mar­ket every day. As technology changes, the need for information technology (IT) special­ists has also increased. Waltrex Corp. is a local business that has be­come the go-to for such needs.

After the tech expansion in the late ’90s and seeing a high demand for tech services, owner Johnny Walter converted what he already did as a hobby into a business.

“It made perfect sense to earn a living doing something I was already doing any­way,” he said.

Walter started his business 13 years ago and now serves mostly Las Cruces, but has clients all over New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.

Waltrex Corp. specializes in providing customers with multiple computer ser­vices such as advanced network consulting, cloud services, email services, back-up ser­vices, wireless and mesh networking, disas­ter recover services and more.

“We built our business having imple­mented and tried hundreds of different configurations, vendors and services,” he said. “We’ve rolled the best of those ideas and services into our unique platform, which allows you to think less about IT and more about your business.”

Its customers include a wide range of business types, from small local business to multi-million dollar defense subcontractors.

Its mission statement states: “Our mis­sion is to listen, learn and innovate. We aim to be recognized as the leading IT and cloud services provider for small and me­dium­
sized businesses by listening to our client’s concerns, researching, testing and leveraging the most cost-effective tech­nology available, creat­ing new products and services, and supporting our clients tirelessly.” When asked what is unique about the business, Walter shared his amazement about how Waltrex had grown due to word of mouth from its customers.

“When people are happy with your product, they will tell others, and we are proud to have grown this big through the kind words of our clients,” Walter said. “We’ve earned those kind words through tireless support and by going beyond what is expected or required of us. We also use a fixed price model for most of our services. This encourages us to be efficient and get it right the first time, and prevents clients from being overbilled.”

Like any other business, Waltrex has battled through many obstacles along the way. Finding good employees is hard and working alongside shareholders has been a complex task, Walter said. Raising capital is itself expensive but recently, the most difficult obstacle has been growth.

“Growing at this pace without neglect­ing our current clients is difficult. We are constantly aware of that reality and are careful to manage our growth so that ne­glect doesn’t happen,” Walter said.

Through his experiences, Walter advises other businesses starting up to be thorough and meticulous, do exactly what you say you will do – then do more for good mea­sure, and don’t leave work at work, take it home with you.

Although the business has grown sub­stantially over the past 13 years, Walter said he hopes to create a higher awareness in Las Cruces about Waltrex’s advanced IT and cloud services. It keeps its competitive edge by saving a penny where it can, avoid­ing inventory when possible, and focusing on real relationships with clients.

With the outstanding support it de­livers, Waltrex is striving to grow its partnerships and be the go-to company when IT services are needed. In the fu­ture, Waltrex is also planning to offer its services at a national level by building a
datacenter in Las Cruces.

“By building our own datacenter, we can manage the quality of products and services offered as opposed to choosing from existing brand names with cookie­cutter solutions,” Walter said.

Waltrex Corp. is proud of the working relationship it has built with its clients.

“Our reputation with those clients is impeccable, as the testimonials on our website will show,” Walter said. “We want people to know we are here and ready to help, and promise to work harder for them than anyone else will.”