The LNG Company - Small Business of the Month September 2015

Sep 14th, 2015

1441 Mesa Ave Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001 | 575-541-3328 |

Company adds creativity to Las Cruces

Business focuses on helping other businesses reach their marketing goals

The LNG Company was founded in 2011 to help small businesses with their online presence. Today, they are Pat Sisbarro, left, and Laura Coniff participate in production day for the Tough Enough To Wear Pink commercial.a full-service creative advertising and marketing firm serving clients across the world.

LNG was started to help businesses transition from the traditional age of marketing into the digital age. Their mission statement states, “To create inspiring and dynamic campaigns that connect each client with their audience.”

The LNG Company believes a company’s purpose should be passionate and inspirational. “We dare to dream. Dare to live. Dare to create. Dare to take a chance,” said Chris Lang, CEO.

The LNG Company creates all their products in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Their office/studios house all content creation under one roof so that they can create consistent messages for their clients.

“We are committed to setting deep roots within the Las Cruces community. We hope to be able to continue to hire from New Mexico State University and Doña Ana Community College and grow our local economy. Most of all we will continue to focus on delivering the most effective creative campaigns for our clients!” said Lang.

The company is consistently studying the latest in design, web, film, social and public relations so that they can continue to grow as individuals and collectively. They apply what they are learning and utilize those strategies in campaigns every day.

“We encourage everyone to attend the latest seminars, workshops and to read their favorite blogs everyday,” said Chris.

One obstacle that the LNG Company has had to overcome is learning the most effective message in business. To the LNG Company that message is to, “Give people a reason to buy and a reason to buy now!” said Lang.

Lang thinks it is important that customers understand that digital advertising is the most cost effective and most targeted form of marketing. “That’s why we believe in the power of the digital age,” said Chris.

The LNG Company hopes to keep helping their clients give the most effective message so that they can reach their target audience.