The LNG Company - Small Business of the Month MAY 2013

May 16th, 2013

Advertising done right – from Facebook to television

1441 MESA AVE.


By Rachel Christiansen

Who would have dreamed 15 years ago online media would have the global stature it has today?

Now, businesses big and small use the Internet for a multitude of marketing pur­poses every single day.

Chris Lang, owner of the LNG Company, explains to New Mexico State University student Tanya Varela the benefits of One Eighty during a launch party for the new company Thursday, April 25. The party signified a partnership between the two businesses that will extend the availability of discounts and special offers from local businesses to its members.Chris Lang may not have known then, either, but it was around that time he real­ized he wanted to help people and business­es find their “voice.”

Mainly through creative advertising strategies, the Oklahoma native began to learn the ins and outs of what works to get the word out to people about what a busi­ness has to offer.

Relying on his knowledge of market­ing, videography, photography and the tools the Internet offers, Lang opened The LNG Company in Las Cruces in November 2011 to do just that.

“I came to realize businesses needed help setting up their online presence with web­sites, social media and online reviews,” Lang said. “I couldn’t have started this business 10 years ago because the Internet has so drasti­cally changed everything.”

There are two stories behind why Lang chose the name “LNG.” One, is that it stands for the Local Networking Group. The other, is something more personal to Lang.

“I started this company with my mother – she did sales and I did operations,” Lang said. “Her maiden name was Lang, and then it changed to Long by coincedence when she married my stepfather.

“So I took out the vowel, and named it in her honor.”

Since then, The LNG Company has helped local clients such as Memorial Medical Center, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, Las Cruces Public Schools, Austin “No Doubt” Trout, Andele Restaurant and more.

As the industry demands change and growth almost constantly, The LNG Company has flourished by becoming a full-service integrated advertising agency that specializes in print, television and digi­tal advertising; web design and social media; public relations and brand management; graphic design and illustration; consumer insights and analytics; video and post-pro­duction; commercial photography and cre­ative consulting based on a company’s needs.

“When people say, ‘My business now pops up on the first page of Google (after a search) because of you’ that’s a real compliment,” Lang said. “When someone considers us an extension of their business, that’s probably the highest compliment we can get.”

With so many services offered, Lang said
he contracts the best of the best in each re­spective category to execute a job that needs to be done.

“At the end of the day, I feel like a cre­ative director,” he said. “I know how to do everything and I have the vision of what I want something to look like, so I pull all of those pieces together.”

Lang himself still seems keen on finding out what a business’s voice is.

“I’ve always had in interest in how people are, what their story is and why they do what they do,” he said. “I’ve made this offer before and no one has ever taken me up on it – that I will come be a trainee at your business for a day if I have to just to figure out what that voice is.”

Even though he admitted many people have tribulations about stepping into the world of online media and marketing be­cause it can be very intimidating, that’s where The LNG Company comes in.

“(Lang) has a wealth of knowledge to share with any company,” said Georgia Lane, owner of Gift Baskets by G. “I just attended his social media class. … You need to take his classes – you will walk away with information that you can implement imme­diately to help your business.”

LNG’s most recent endeavor is a part­nership with New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center-based company, One Eighty. Residents can sign up for text-based deals and discounts offered through busi­nesses on a specialized basis.

After offering the NMSU College of Business a scholarship program, One Eighty will be kicked off by advocates most keen to use text and special offers – the students themselves.

For more information about expand­ing your business through digital media or about One Eighty, contact Chris Lang at 541-3328.

Mission: Founded to help small businesses and organizations find their voice in the ever demanding world of online media and marketing.