Jun 11th, 2014

July Update Luncheon will focus on the state of health care By Bill Allen Chamber President/CEO 

Considerable time and effort was spent last year to educate and inform Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce members, health care and non-health care alike, about the Affordable Care Act and its implications on large and small business. We feel that it is now time to move to the next phase of the plan and to begin convening sessions on subjects that health care professionals feel are important to their industry. The Chamber is in the process of gather­ing facts that will enable us to better ... Continue Reading

Jun 13th, 2014

Many factors are preventing speedy economic growth By Sean Hackbarth U.S. Chamber of Commerce According to revised gross domestic product numbers, instead of being nearly flat, the economy actually shrank by 1 per­cent in the first quarter of 2014. Growth is expected to bounce back later in the year, but ever since the end of the Great Recession, the economy has struggled to produce enough economic growth to return to full employment. What’s holding back the economy from growing faster so it can produce more jobs and higher wages? John Dearie, executive vice presi­dent at the Financial Services Forum and co-author of “Where ... Continue Reading

Jun 16th, 2014

Staying on top of evolving technology 575-636-1946 OR 855-WALTREX • WWW.WALTREX.COM

With the evolution of technology, it seems like a new gadget enters the mar­ket every day. As technology changes, the need for information technology (IT) special­ists has also increased. Waltrex Corp. is a local business that has be­come the go-to for such needs. After the tech expansion in the late ’90s and seeing a high demand for tech services, owner Johnny Walter converted what he already did as a hobby into a business. “It made perfect sense to earn a living doing something I was already doing any­way,” he ... Continue Reading

Jun 16th, 2014

As we prepare for another Change of Command ceremony at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and get ready to say “good-bye” to Maj. Gen. Gwen Bingham, we must make certain that we don’t take for granted the great relationship that exists between the groups on either side of the mountain. I clearly remember Bingham at her first Thanks Team WSMR event in 2012, saying she had never seen anything like what we do for the base in her 30-plus years of military service. The fact WSMR is a key driver of our economy has been chronicled in this publication numerous ... Continue Reading

Jun 17th, 2014

One of the natural features of the Mesilla Valley that has always made me feel grounded is our river. Whenever it runs dry, something is missing, something is lost. I drive over the bridge on Picacho Avenue every day, and there isn’t a day that I am not brimming with anticipation to see the Rio Grande run again. In the last few days of this month, we will again see it flow, although only briefly. This region was settled because of our river, and it is still the life spring of our community. It brings the agriculture that has supported generations ... Continue Reading