Dec 29th, 2014

December’s Junior Leadership day covered arts and community topics. Young leaders saw the humblest residences in Las Cruces, as well as the restoration of what was once one of the finest homes in town.

In between was a beautiful day strolling down Main Street, with several informative and educational stops along the way.

At the Community of Hope, the students learned about: Camp Hope, the tent city where many homeless live; Casa de Peregrinos, the food bank; Jardin de Los Nios, the day care center for children of homeless parents; St. Luke’s, a medical facility; and El Caldito, the soup kitchen.

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Jan 12th, 2015

Student group learns about Southern NM agriculture

Agriculture is one of the backbones of the Mesilla Valley’s economy, so it was a natural choice for November’s Junior Leadership topic of the day.

Our young leaders helped set the agenda for the day, which began at Big Sky Dairy in Mesquite. Dairy is New Mexico’s top cash commodity, and the kids witnessed the milking process, saw where the product is stored, and learned about the cattle’s nutrition and life cycle, as well as about industry regulations.

Our next stop was La Mesa, where the young leaders took a tour of family-owned Cervantes Enterprises. They ... Continue Reading

Mar 21st, 2014

Participants look at how the city, county run

Junior Leadership, a program developed by the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, is composed of area high school students who are currently enrolled in their junior year of high school. Participants in this year’s program are students who attend Las Cruces, Mayfield, Centennial, Oñate and Arrowhead Park Early College high schools.

The purpose of the Junior Leadership Program is to show future community leaders what Doña Ana County has to offer and how they can help make changes or imple­ment their ideas to better the city.

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