Jun 17th, 2014

One of the natural features of the Mesilla Valley that has always made me feel grounded is our river. Whenever it runs dry, something is missing, something is lost. I drive over the bridge on Picacho Avenue every day, and there isn’t a day that I am not brimming with anticipation to see the Rio Grande run again. In the last few days of this month, we will again see it flow, although only briefly. This region was settled because of our river, and it is still the life spring of our community. It brings the agriculture that has supported generations ... Continue Reading

Jul 14th, 2014

In 1880s Las Cruces, most of the Republicans were the native New Mexicans and the Democrats were immigrants from Texas. These two cultures had very different ways of looking at the world and how things should be done. Th enewspapersatthat time were either Democrat or Republican and even reflected that fact in their names, like “The Rio Grande Republican” or “The Thirty-Four,” thirty­four referring to the 1878 or 1880 election where Democrats won by 34 votes. Your political leaning even dictated what side of Main Street you walked on.

Today we talk about political divides, but they truly are less defined ... Continue Reading

Aug 6th, 2014

It seems that every nonprofit community organization is out soliciting for funds right now. Many business owners are asked to contribute at a time when their own businesses are struggling. Local businesses contribute the lion’s share of funding for most of these organizations that in turn provide services many in our community depend on at some point. When local business does well, there is a reciprocal effect where money is not only reinvested locally, but the ability to donate to organizations and charities is increased. We at the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce are committed to being the leading voice in ... Continue Reading

Jan 5th, 2015

The diversity and intelligence of my fellow board members has always amazed and impressed me. This community is fortunate to have such a spectrum of community leaders dedicate their time and energy working toward a better future.

Equally impressive is the dedication of many of the past chairs who still serve tirelessly on myriad committees that are well organized and on task.

Through the direction of the board, Bill Allen and his staff have carried out directives, sometimes with odds overwhelmingly against us, as well as continuing many legacy projects like the Armijo House and the leadership programs that will give back ... Continue Reading

Nov 2nd, 2015

This November, there is an election here in Las Cruces that will decide three City Council seats and who will be our Mayor. As promised, the Chamber embarked on the process of actively advocating for pro-business policies and candidates. To that end, the Chamber distributed questionnaires to all candidates and have interviewed the candidates that returned our questionnaire and participated to determine whom we, as a chamber, will endorse.

As someone who has run for public office, I want to thank each of the candidates who have put themselves forward to run for the four open positions in this ... Continue Reading