Steinborn & Associates Real Estate - Business of the Month September 2015

Sep 8th, 2015

Company strives to help local community

In 1969, founder, David Steinborn and Al Socolofsky formed a real estate company in Las Cruces, and later joined the franchise of Better Homes and Gardens, which became GMAC Real Estate.

In early 2006, David formed a partnership with John Hummer, developer and CEO of Mountain View Regional Medical Center. John has more than 18 years of senior executive experience leading and developing hospitals across the country. David believed the partnership would “add tremendous value to the team of Team meeting with Amy Hummer, Eileen Hernandez, Grady Oxford, Connie Hettinga, and Ron BruderREALTORS and consumers and help grow and develop the company well into the future.”

In March of 2008, John and his wife Amy assumed full ownership of the company. They are deeply committed to building upon the strong foundation of excellence established by David Steinborn.

In May of 2010, John and Amy announced the company’s decision to become an independent, non-franchised, brokerage under the name of Steinborn & Associates Real Estate. The company’s innovative infrastructure, services and technology advances allow it to operate on the same level as the leading independent real estate companies across the nation and were invited to join The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

“The name change to Steinborn & Associates Real Estate added the word ‘Associates’ so that our entire team of associate brokers is included in our name. Our name speaks to a significant theme in our brokerage: ‘Together We Are Better,’” said Amy Hummer.

Steinborn & Associates Real Estate mission statement states, “To serve as dedicated and skilled real estate professionals who create value for our clients, while contributing to the success of our community and Southern New Mexico. We commit to these care vales: Vision, Honest, Professionalism, Superior Training, and Premier Service.”

When asked what the inspiration was behind the business Hummer said, “When we moved here, we immediately knew that Las Cruces would be our long-term home and the place we wanted to raise our two sons. We always wanted to own a business, work together, and contribute to the success of our community. Steinborn & Associates Real Estate was the perfect answer.”

What is unique about their business is their team of REALTORS and staff. They are highly trained, committed, and community-focused. Not only do they offer a wide range of real estate services from residential and commercial to property management, but they also their dedicate time and money to improving the community.

Steinborn & Associates Real Estate places training and education as a high priority in their brokerage. They are constantly researching and learning about the changing market and the needs of their customers. They also seek the advice of their REALTORS and staff to constantly evaluate and refine how we serve our customers.

What advice do you give to others starting a business? Surround yourself with ethical, motivated, and skilled team members. You want to wake up each day eager to join your team in developing your business. Make sure you are comfortable with the financial responsibilities of your business. Seek counsel and insure you are managing the finances of your business appropriately.

One obstacle the company saw was within a year of purchasing the brokerage, the real estate market saw a significant decline in sales. They stayed focused on training, marketing, and growth.

“Looking back, we see how much we learned about managing a real estate brokerage, meeting the needs of our customers, and ourselves,” said Hummer.

Steinborn & Associates Real Estate would like for Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico to know how committed their team is to meeting their real estate needs.

“Steinborn REALTORS are market experts, trusted advisors, and skilled negotiators. We are locally-owned, and we all have a shared vision to improve the community that we call home,” said Hummer.

Additional locations

• 1730 Tierra De Mesilla, Mesilla, 88046 • 575-523-2850

• 1245 Country Club Rd, Santa Teresa, NM 88008 • 575-332-4131