Small Business of the Month - August 2014

Aug 18th, 2014

Understanding customer needs is a priority

Small Business of the Month August 2014It’s warm outside and what better way to enjoy the summer than by grabbing a bite to eat?

There are many different options to dining out this summer and many Las Crucens can be seen outside enjoying a delicious hotdog at one of the popular Wienerschnitzels in the area.

The Wienerschnitzel franchise was first opened on July 3, 1961, in Wilmington, Calif., by John Galardi. The franchise has been in business for more than 53 years.

The first Wienerschnitzel in Las Cruces opened in 1974 on El Paseo Road, store No. 247. Wienerschnitzel has been a part of the Las Cruces community for more than 40 years.

“I started with Wienerschnitzel back in 1983,” said owner Tim Kass. “I was still in high school in El Paso. After about a year, I was promoted to store manager of the Lee Trevino location. I then was moved to several different locations. I was then promoted to Vice President of Operations for all El Paso and Las Cruces locations.”

On Oct. 1, 2002, Kass purchased store No. 247 in Las Cruces, then on Sept. 1, 2011, he opened his second location in Las Cruces, store No. 812 at 2800 N. Main St.

“My parents had restaurants in different towns we lived in and I kind of grew up in the restaurant business,“ Kass said.

Wienerschnitzel’s mission statement is “to give our customers the best overall eating experience through quality product, quality cleanliness and quality service.”

The business strives to provide customers with the best-tasting hot dogs and the best service they can provide. Having a clean