Sitel Business of the Month - September 2014

Sep 8th, 2014


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Communicating around the globe Sitel provides customers proactive support

Call centers around the world have made it easier for customers to communicate with different companies or services. In Las Cruces, Sitel has become the gateway of communication for two of its clients.

Sitel is privately held corporation headquartered in Tennessee. The corporation has 110 sites in 23 countries and utilizes 40 languages. It provides more than 56,000 jobs and focus on its global presence combined with its local knowledge. That allows it to respond quickly to local needs and market changes.

Sitel officials believe the greatest potential for growth is through their established set of corporate values. Their values include accountability, integrity and open communication. The values represent the foundation in which they strive to achieve in all their activities and interactions.

The services provided include advisory, insight, cloud, Omnichannel and customer engagement. Through these services, Sitel is able to help its clients meet their customer demands for proactive support.

In Las Cruces, Sitel has two primary clients – a digital satellite servicing provider and a banking/financial services company. The services it provides for these clients are repeat purchases, up-sell/crosssell, billing information, issue resolution, account change, reservations, loyalty clubs, investor inquiries, warranty calls, troubleshooting, hardware/ software support, Internet support, PC/ server support, corporate helpdesk, warranty and post warranty. Due to its excellence in customer service and record of success, Sitel’s clients have provided a high amount of business for the corporation. Sitel’s excellence in customer service begins with the proper training of Sitel employees.

“A friendly and trainable attitude is a key asset” said Sitel Site Director John Muoz regarding the qualities an employee should acquire.

Before an employee begins working with customers they work through five weeks of paid training. The first three weeks are training related to their position and the last two weeks include on-the-job training.

Although the corporation is constantly working hard to make its clients happy by assisting their customers, Sitel is also very involved with the community. Corporate social responsibility at Sitel is about demonstrating and sustaining its commitment to conducting business in a socially and environmental responsible manner.

Sitel footprints is an encompassing CSR program that aspires to become an agent of societal change in all Sitel locations around the globe. The program focuses on education and job generation, health and wellness, social responsibility and environmental conservation.

Through this program, Sitel employees have participated in collecting and donating school supplies to a local children’s orphanage in San Pedro, Mexico.

A friendly and trainable attitude is a key asset.

JOHN MUOZ, Sitel site director