Sagecrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - Business of the Month March 2013

Mar 18th, 2013

CNAs Amanda Gomez and Anna Portillo work at one of the newly installed nurse stations at Sagecrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, a part of the facility’s current undertaking of a nearly $1 million renovation.

A place to live and heal




By Rachel Christiansen

Singing or laughter may be heard drift­ing from a quiet corner of the High Range neighborhood at any given time throughout the day.

From being able to choose the food in front of them to the daily activities and bimonthly outings, nearly 100 people call Sagecrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center their full-time home.

And the staff is determined to put a smile on their faces.

“We have the ability to have a positive impact on someone’s life and I take that very seriously,” said Administrator TJ Johnston-Hicks.

The activities range from bingo to Bible
study and game time to hosting holiday dances, a favorite in the hearts of both resi­dents and staff.

“They love live entertainment, especially the mariachi music,” Johnston-Hicks said.

In addition to daily activities, the resi­dents on the activities committee choose where to take bimonthly outings in the community, whether it be to see “Lincoln” – as was the most recent choice – or to a restaurant or shopping.

Sagecrest has emerged as a premier facil­ity, with a range of services offered such as rehabilitation, occupational therapy, speech therapy and full-time assistance available.

Johnston-Hicks said Sagecrest is the only facility in Las Cruces that offers an in­fectious disease doctor and wound care sur­geon
on the executive committee, as well as voice-activated charting.

The advanced health care technology Accunurse, a voice-activated system that al­lows for immediate updates on the needs of each patient was implemented in 2011, long before the program hit the industry standard mark it will soon reach.

“You will see our CNAs and nurses walking around with what looks like a Bluetooth and it recognizes only their voice,” Marketing Director Lupe Rios said. “They get the patient information they need immediately, so it’s faster and more efficient than going back and checking charts.”

Sagecrest is also currently undergoing a major renovation, and will soon boast of new and improved patient rooms, a com­fortable lobby and a beautifully landscaped patio where residents can sit and enjoy views of the Organ Mountains.

According to Johnston-Hicks, the key to success is working as a team to ensure the highest quality care for patients and residents.

“When you have low turnover and your employees are happy, the customer service
is better,” he said. “Whether it’s Burger King or a nursing home, it doesn’t matter. Happy staff makes for a better customer experience.”

Many success stories are heard – and seen – from patients who have walked through Sagecrest’s doors.

“We have a resident right now that is mentally disabled who came in unable to walk, feed herself or speak and now she walks all over the facility independently, feeds herself and even socializes with oth­ers,” Johnston-Hicks said.

In an effort to try and get the word out to the community about what Sagecrest does, Rios said she wants to let people know they can come take a tour of the facility and ask questions when making the choice for loved ones.

“Having our families actually know what we do and have them trust us, it’s great to see that,” Rios said.

Sagecrest is also involved in the com­munity, by providing sponsorships to things such as La Casa Domestic Violence Shelter, El Caldito Soup Kitchen and Take Our Kickboxing event.