Request for Proposal - Business Envelopes

Sep 19th, 2014

Dear prospective printers,

Chamber Request for a proposal The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce is seeking a provider for logo imprinted #10 window business envelopes.

You are hereby offered the opportunity to bid within the following specifications:

• #10 window business envelopes in the  amount of 1,000
• #10 business envelopes in the amount of 1,000

Your sealed bid must be provided to the Chamber office by September 25, 2014. The bid will be awarded on October 3rd. Please mark the outside of your sealed envelope with “2014 Chamber Envelopes”.

The chamber is a member supported non-profit organization and as such accepts partial donations goods and services in connection with this proposal. Donations are accepted and appropriate recognition of the member’s donation will be given. The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline any proposal and all proposals or donations. Your business must be a member in good standing with the Chamber to be awarded the contract.

We look forward to your proposal. The Chamber will contact all members that have submitted a proposal by email or by letter after the proposal is awarded. If you have any questions regarding the bid specifications, please contact Liz at the Chamber office at 524-1968.