Reasons for business

Apr 8th, 2014

MIKE BECKETT Why do we go into business?

It seems everyone has his or her own reason or story. Sometimes it’s simply for profit. Sometimes it’s a matter of necessity – to create a source of income when all other options are exhausted. For some, it is a lifestyle choice – to be able to set your own hours and to know that the work you put in is for you and your family. Others may be driven by wanting to do something they are good at or just love to do. Still others want to feel like they have a purpose and would like to be a productive part of society.

These are only a few reasons and, for many, it probably is a combination of several of them.

The bulk of job creation comes from small business as small firms account for 65 percent of net new jobs created. American business is overwhelmingly small business. Firms with less than 20 workers make up 89.7 percent of businesses. Firms with less than 500 workers account for 99.7 percent.

When you own a small business, 10- to 15-hour days are common, which makes it difficult to find time to network or discuss with others your concerns about events or regulations that impact the future of your business. This is where the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce comes in. It is that asset you need.

Through the Chamber, you can meet others in business and have the Chamber advocate on your behalf on issues that would be overwhelming to address as an individual.

The Chamber is made up of a wide spectrum of brilliant and driven business people who live in this community and want it to be a great place to live, to be proud of, and grow their businesses. Get involved. As a collective force, we can make a positive difference in our community.

Mike Beckett, Chair of the Board Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce