Premier Distributing Company Business of the Month November 2014

Nov 10th, 2014


Committed to the community Premier Distributing Company supports charities, hires locally

Premier Distributing CompanyPremier Distributing Company’s mission is to:

1. Serve the retailer. 2. Serve the employee 3. Increase productivity 4. Increase market share We provide Premier service and products to our customers, employees and community through quality and teamwork while maintaining profitability and gaining market share.

Premier Distributing Company was formed in 1982 by Dobbs Management Service (DMS) out of Memphis, Tenn. From the very beginning, DMS made the commitment that Premier Distributing would be a company firmly grounded in its community. The commitment is reflected in everything we do, from hiring New Mexicans and using local vendors whenever possible, to our support of local civic, charitable and educational initiatives.

We’re especially proud of a Premierfounded educational charity: The New Mexico Alliance for Hispanic Education. The charity has raised more than $4 million dollars to provide scholarships for college education to thousands of New Mexico’s most deserving Hispanic students.

Premier Distribution is heavily involved in the communities it serves. Work has been completed by Premier Distribution to help open two Habitat for Humanity sites – one in Las Cruces and one in Albuquerque – in New Mexico. Additionally, Premier Distribution started a nonprofit alliance in New Mexico back in 1993 to raise money for Hispanic students who want to go to college - the New Mexico Alliance for Hispanic Education. So far, the company has raised more than $5 million for higher education for Hispanic students. Premier is also proud to provide financial support for organizations like the Roadrunner Food Bank and the Carrie Tingley Hospital, two organizations that help underprivileged New Mexicans in need of support.

Premier also support sour troops by providing funding to Kirtland Air Force Base and donating to the Cell Phones for Soldiers organization. This distributing company also takes growth very seriously and makes it a point to hire locally and buy locally to support New Mexico’s economy.

It is obvious where this company’s interests lie, and that’s with the communities it serves.

Five years down the road, or 10, or even 50, Premier Distribution Company is all about growth. They will become even more involved in the communities we serve while continuing to grow. They will always support the communities we serve by buying locally when possible and hiring locally.

What is the most important thing about your business that you wish for people to know?

This company is heavily involved in the community, with an interest in developing community stability as well as growing the community’s economy. Premier also takes special care to educate families and the communities we serve about responsibility involving the alcoholic beverages they distribute. Education about responsible alcohol consumption practices is a top priority for this company, as it keeps the communities they serve safe.