Practical, common-sense candidates receive first-ever Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce endorsements

Oct 19th, 2015

Without private sector, growth and support for business, Las Cruces’ future will change forever

The November election is a critical moment for our community. Las Cruces has been mired in a state of low growth and job loss for a number of years while other communities have risen from the recession - and we need a City Council that shares our vision for the future. Anything less than wholesale, drastic change in Las Cruces city government will most certainly change our community forever.

Please be aware that we live in a time and a place where a practical, common sense view on the important role of business in Las Cruces is greeted by booing and hissing in City Council meetings. Please also be aware that well organized and financed external partisan political agendas, from education to the environment, have crept into our very way of life. If we allow this to continue, be warned that professional politicians will have been given free reign to determine our futures (taxes, impact fees, wages) from now on.

There are four seats available presenting a major opportunity and we believe each of our endorsed candidates will represent our vision in these areas, and be strong partners with our organization once they take office. It is for these reasons that the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce has, for the first time ever, endorsed candidates for elections. We are pleased to announce our City Council candidate endorsements for the upcoming November election. After interviewing the candidates and taking their past voting records into consideration, where applicable, the Chamber has identified those whose views and ideology would best represent the business community.

Chamber Las Cruces City Endorsements