Our Conquistadore family

Sep 8th, 2015

In July, our special projects committee person Karissa Doan from Pioneer Bank worked hard by putting together our annual summer quarterly at Rick and Karen Altamirano’s house. Rick works at First Light Federal Credit Union and Karen works at Steinborn Realty. I would like to give a huge “thank you” to Karissa,  Mary Iadicicco Chair of Conquistadores 2015 Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceKaren and Rick. Rick and Karen opened their home and their pool. Rick cooked a delicious steak, hot dogs and hamburgers and others brought side dishes. This year the Red Team won, but being part of the Green Team, I still took a little piece of steak, even though I was supposed to eat a hot dog.

The Conquistadores, their friends and families came together as one big family. Our CEO Bill Allen and his wife Stacie Allen came as well as staff Cyndi Amijo and her husband David. It is a special feeling when you watch all these business people getting together away from business life and relaxing and socializing.

Where else can you find these business professionals bringing their children and playing in the pool together? Coming from a big city in New Jersey, I would have never thought this would happen. I came from an area where it is only about work. We all come from all different personal and business backgrounds, yet getting together under one roof just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company comes so naturally.

Everyone had such a great time that we were talking about getting together again for the August birthdays. It seems most of our Conquistadores where born in the month of August, including mine. What a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday.

Coming from a Greek background, we love to get together with family and friends. I am sure everyone saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Some of our families are far away, including mine, but being a Conquistadore is like having family get-togethers. The summer is not just about going away on vacation; it is about relaxing spending it with friends. These are not just business people where you might see at a ribbon cutting or business after hours they are Conquistadores who enjoy each other’s company. If a Conquistadore does not show up, or we have not seen them for a while we call and ask if everything is OK.

Looking back and thinking about 10 years ago when my husband and I were contemplating if we should move to Las Cruces and start up an insurance business, we would never imagine meeting so many people and calling them our friends and becoming one big family because of the Chamber of Commerce.

I hope everyone had a great summer because I know I did.

. Mary Iadicicco Chair of Conquistadores 2015 Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce