New Year… New Challenges… New Opportunities

Feb 2nd, 2015

Every new year brings with it new challenges as well as new opportunities.

 Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceThe Chamber’s new three-year strategic plan brings with it much of the same. With the support of the board of directors, we will be embarking into somewhat unfamiliar territory – but it is territory that we must go toward to provide the necessary support for the local business community.

There will be four seats open during this fall’s election – three from the City Council as well as the mayor’s position. For the first time the Chamber will be proactive in this area. We will be training and endorsing candidates that see the value that business brings to our community. Our goal is to make our community more business friendly in an effort to ultimately bring more and higher paying jobs to town. We realize that these kind of jobs are hard to come by, but if the perception exists that our community is not business friendly, the job becomes more difficult.

We spent a good deal of time last year battling the minimum wage issue. At the end of the day some people will benefit from it and some people will be hurt. In the long run, we need to help people develop new skills that will qualify them for better careers – not jobs.

When we turn that corner, we will be successful.

We look forward to taking advantage of the new opportunities that are in front of us to not only help the business community, but the community that we live in.

Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce