‘N Compass Group - Small Business of the Month August 2013

Aug 8th, 2013

‘N Compass Group Company earns award for professional knowledge, client service

‘N Compass Group, led by Gilda Dorbandt, is a local independent broker and the largest health insurance agency in southern New Mexico. 1161 MALL DRIVE, SUITE D • 575-647-0009 • WWW.NCOMPASSGROUP.COM

‘N Compass Group, led by Gilda Dorbandt, is a local independent broker and the largest health insurance agency in southern New Mexico. The group’s continued success is due to their commitment to service.

Dorbandt started ‘N Compass Group in 2001 as a brokerage firm specializing in health insurance, employee benefits and voluntary benefits including additional life insurance, disability, accident, crit­ical illness and GAP coverage. The company works with businesses to determine the best coverage at the lowest cost.

“When my father passed away, I was 16 years old and I quickly came to know death, fear, poverty and uncertainty,” Dorbandt said. “When I discovered that my fa­ther had purchased a life insurance policy and that our lives would be somewhat normal because of that, I thought that someday I might be able to help people take care of their families the same way. I got into the insurance business at a very early age, but I think my conviction must have been very convincing because my sales were high.

“The years have been a roller coaster of difficult times in the business world, mixed with suc­cess. While I am still passion­ate about helping people find the right life insurance policy, I must say that the majority of my busi­ness focus is in employee benefits.”

Dorbandt said her favorite part of the job is holding employee meetings for her employer groups.

“I like to review the benefit
package the employer has offered and answer questions about the coverage,” she said. “I remind employees what their benefits are, and that they should not pay out of pocket more than the policy dictates.

“It is not unusual for a meet­ing to end with tears from our cli­ent. When someone has exhausted their resources, then comes to us to find that we can help them when they thought it was impossible …
it can get emotional. It is not un­usual for my staff to receive flow­ers, cookies, candy and the like. When I see that our clients ap­preciate my staff like that, I know they are doing a great job and that we bring value to this industry and this community.”

‘N Compass Group recently qualified for the Soaring Eagle Award, an honor bestowed by the National Association of Health Underwriters to members who
have achieved the greatest success in demonstrating exceptional pro­fessional knowledge and outstand­ing client service.

“Our level of service goes far beyond the norm,” Dorbandt said. “We prepare a comprehensive comparison analyzing rates, as well as benefits, in a readable format. This process makes the health in­surance decision easy. This is true for our existing clients when re­viewing their renewal information,
as well.

“Claim problems? Bring it!” Dorbandt laughed.

“With health care reform, we are busier than ever. We are dedi­cated to keeping our existing cli­ents informed and compliant, and we anticipate a large number of new enrollees purchasing coverage in the near future.”

For a consultation or review of your insurance needs, contact the ‘N Compass Group at 647-0009.

’N Compass Group Agency Manager Nicole Segura, Broker Gilda Dorbandt, Benefit Specialist Rosemary Reynaud and Customer Service Representative Jennifer Sanchez