More on the Chamber’s transition

Jun 1st, 2015

Much has already been written on the how the Chamber is moving into the political waters, but another area in our three-year strategic plan is our goal to be more industry specific. Our first venture into that arena Bill Allen, President/ CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerceculminated with our recent luncheon targeted to the medical community where New Mexico Secretary of Health and Human Services, Brent Earnest, spoke about how the changes in Medicare are impacting the state.

While at face value this event might sound similar to our Annual Healthcare Luncheon, the content delivered by Earnest was more pointed at those in the medical industry. He discussed how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has, on a broad level, affected the state in terms of the number of patients, even drilling down to age ranges and what that means for the system. He also informed on what the impending change in federal funding for Medicare will mean to the states budget.

An event like this could not have been possible without the participation of the healthcare task force, led by Sabrina Martin, CEO of the Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico. It was her group that determined what subject matter would be most timely and interesting to the industry – then they went out and found the speaker that could deliver that information.

We have several ideas on what sector is ‘next’ but we would welcome input from our members in order to determine the exact course of action. At the same time, with the Chamber being lean in terms of staff size, our capacity is also limited. We will need to find someone who is passionate and sees the long-term vision, like Ms. Martin, to lead the next group that we stand up.

Stay tuned!

Bill Allen, President/ CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce