Main Street Bistro & Ale House - Small Business of the Month July 2015

Jul 20th, 2015

Restaurant thrives in Downtown Las Cruces

Mother/son team strives to provide fresh offerings

Joanne Ray and her son, Nick, actively started looking to own a restaurant together in 2009. They shopped forJoanne Ray and Nick Ray Main St Bistro and Ale House. a quick-service franchise first and then looked at privately owned quick-service restaurants after that — without much success. The opportunity of taking on the bistro was dropped into their lap unexpectedly by a mutual business acquaintance, and after a brief review of the location and its up and coming growth, they decided to wrap it up and call it their own.

Main Street Bistro & Ale House’s mission statements states: “Provide downtown Las Cruces and surrounding areas with freshly made gourmet food and fresh local craft beers in a cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere.”

The business purpose is to represent a fresh perspective to current mainstream dining experiences in Las Cruces by offering unparalleled food quality and innovative menu offerings.

The location of the restaurant has been a major contributing factor for the existence of Main Street Bistro & Ale House.

“Without going into both my mother’s and my own lengthy business history, the restaurant itself represents our mutual pride and love of our local area,” Nick Ray said. “From the use of local ingredients and representation of local beers and wines, we feel that being in downtown Las Cruces on Main Street is the best way for us to show support and love for the region, and hopefully our guests get a feel for the area and get inspired also to share our excitement when they visit.”

The restaurant offers the duo’s take on cosmopolitan comfort food and atmosphere, and is unlike anything offered in Las Cruces. The Rays strive to offer the best locally sourced beers and wines, and include locally sourced ingredients in their menu items. It is the only restaurant in downtown that offers dinner and patio dining for patrons of the theaters in downtown.

“We are actively supporting and participating in events on Main Street, and our staff is active in downtown community groups such as the DLCP (Downtown Las Cruces Partnership), the farmers and crafts market, and Project Mainstreet. We support our local community and offer the best that the community has to offer!”

In five years, the Rays would like to see the Bistro as the center of a thriving restaurant/ pub scene on historic downtown Main Street.

“In practical thought, I see the restaurant successfully providing quality food and service to the growing workforce and community in downtown, while continuing to offer the latest and greatest beer and wine offerings from across the state,” Nick Ray said.

To stay in front of the competition, the restaurants offers menu items that no other restaurant does. The Rays are constantly improving their ability to provide items for which their guests are looking. Both Joann and Nick are at the restaurant every day interacting with guests, asking about their experience and polling them for insight into current tastes and desires. They do their best to pursue and provide whatever might be the latest trend. They strive to remain flexible and lively in menu offerings and have seen great results so far.

Main Street Bistro & Ale House is proud to offer its services and menu items on Main Street in the heart of historic Downtown Las Cruces.

“We look forward to continued community involvement and further growth of downtown,” said Nick.

To remain successful, the Rays would like to stay ahead of market trends in order to offer fresh menu items and continue to offer comfortable guest experiences. They plan to continue to pursue local ingredients and delicious beers and wines, and continue to expand their offerings as they become available.