Leadership looks at local government in August 2013

Aug 16th, 2013 By: E. Troy Tudor

Participants get firsthand look at services, challenges

Las Cruces Fire Department Deputy Chief Rusty Smith gives the Leadership Las Cruces class a tour of the fire station, as George Vescovo of Vescovo Toyota Las Cruces listens intently.In July, Leadership Las Cruces looked at local government, a day planned by Tiffani Bradley, Ana Henke, Mellow Honek and Jay Sundheimer.

The day started with an overview of the City of Las Cruces and the interworking of its departments and programs.

From there, the class traveled to the main fire station where Chief Travis Brown gave the class insights into the day-to-day work­ings of the fire department and how the department coordinates with other emer­gency services to provide the highest level of service possible. Brown also discussed some of the challenges they may face as the city grows.

The next stop was the police department, where the class interacted with Community Liaison Officer Aaron Glymph. He gave the class a tour of the police station, defined and explained the different roles of officers in various departments and gave a look at the equipment used by the department to pro­tect and serve our community. Some of the more rowdy Leadership participants were temporarily locked behind bars, but there were no volunteers to be tased.

Leadership Las Cruces class members interact with Community Liaison Officer Aaron Glymph.The class had lunch at the Double Eagle, where Interim County Manager Sue Padilla spoke. After lunch, the class traveled to the Doña Ana County Government Center. Director of Information & Special Projects Jess Williams provided the class an inside look at the operations and responsibilities of the county government.

The day ended with one final stop at the Doña Ana County Detention Center where officers took the class on an eye opening tour of the 846 bed facility. The tour gave the leadership class insight into some of the issues the community faces, as well as the way these difficult situations are handled by the dedicated group of detention officers.

Overall, the day left the class with a bet­ter understanding of the complexity of the wide range of services the local governments provide the community and challenged them as leaders to look for opportunities to support their ongoing development in a way that makes our community stronger.