Leadership Las Cruces Military Day 2014

Sep 22nd, 2014

Class learns about military’s impact on local community

The day began early with a trip to White Sands Missile Range. On the bus, the class learned about ROTC at The Leadership Las Cruces class tested their fears and strengths at the White Sand Missile Range repelling wall Friday, New Mexico State University. The bus ride also provided the opportunity to view some general videos about Fort Bliss and Holloman Air Force Base.

At White Sands Missile Range, the class heard from Brig. Gen.Timothy Coffin, who shared his vision for the mission and future of WSMR. Cammy Montoya provided an overview of the mission at WSMR in addition to all of her assistance in organizing the events.

When the class headed over to the rappelling wall, some participants overcame their fears and others learned some of their limits. Thanks to the skilled rappel masters, the belayers and the WSMR EMS team, all were safe and there was no work for the EMS team.

Next, the class traveled to another building where the WSMR team provided information about one of the WSMR main missions. In addition, the class also was able to see a part of how the WSMR team protects our nation as well as the safety of all who live in this region.

Following a lunch at the Frontier Club, the class learned from Bill Connor more about the significance, value and economic impact of the regional military bases. Connor spoke on the bus in order to fit everything into this busy schedule.

Joe Bullington with Jacobs Technology then hosted the class at the NASA White Sands Test Facility. It was interesting to learn about the role of the NASA White Sands Test Facility in the country’s space exploration efforts. Some testing can only be accomplished at the local facility – nowhere else in the world. These developments have improved everyday life for millions of Americans.

After a busy day, the class returned to Memorial Medical Center. Gift bags were provided by the Army recruiting station and filled by multiple businesses throughout Las Cruces.