Las Trancas - Small Business of the Month October 2015

Oct 26th, 2015

1007 S. Solano | 575-524-1430 |

Serving traditional Mexican food to Las Cruces

The idea of this family restaurant began in the north part of our beautiful state of New Mexico — the small but culturally rich town of Espanola.

It was 1990 when the mother of the restaurant owner, Ramiro Alcala, began this journey. After having to overcome the many barriers and obstacles that any first-generation immigrant has to endure, she decided it was time to become a business owner. At the beginning of this quest, their family thought of giving up many times. It was difficult to have to deal with multiple city codes and other difficulties that the family encountered when opening the restaurant. Shortly before their grand opening, Ramiro’s mother got one more impediment when she received a letter from an attorney saying that they had to change the registered restaurant due to another restaurant with the same name in Santa Fe.

“As we were talking about this, my mom said in Spanish, ‘cuantas TRANCAS hemos tenido,’ which means ‘how many obstacles have we endured.’ In reality, the word ‘trancas’ means ‘gate latch,’ but it is also used in Las Trancas’ owner, Ramiro Alcala, stands in front of his restaurant.the Mexican slang for obstacles. And that is how our name came about,” said Alcala.

A few years after that, Alcala came to Las Cruces to attend NMSU.

“I fell in love with the people of this community and I just could not see myself going back home. And in 1996 I decided to open up Las Trancas in Las Cruces, and that has been one of the most important decisions I have made,” said Alcala.

Throughout the years, Las Trancas has continued business and still keeps on honoring its name.

“What I have learned is that life will always give you trancas, just so that you might be able to jump even higher to overcome them. I invite you to go on with life doing the same thing the horse does in our logo,” said Alcala. Las Trancas Restaurant mission statement states, “To serve our customers freshly prepared food with good service and always with a smile.”

After expanding in 2010 and 2013, they still strive to deliver the best service and fresh food cooked daily.

In five years, the business would like to expand another location to Las Cruces’ East Mesa and provide their delicious food to other customers. Las Trancas also provides a catering service and they hope to one day be a go-to restaurant for many Las Crucens and become a tradition for future generations.