Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau - Not-for-Profit of the Month June 2014

Jun 19th, 2014


Mission:Since its creation in 1986, the Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau has been a catalyst for the area’s hospitality industry and making it a year-round destination.

The Las Convention & Visitors Bureau serves as a catalyst for the area’s hospitality industry working in concert to build a year­round destination offering a quality visitors experience as well as sustainable economic and social growth for the local community.

Toward this end, the Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau plays a leading role in defining and branding Las Cruces as a desirable destination offering a variety of activities, attractions, and events now and in the future.


The Convention & Visitors Bureau’s primary purpose is to attract people from outside of our area to explore, experience and discover all the attractions and events that Las Cruces and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Key goals:

• Build the Las Cruces brand as a desirable destination for groups, meetings, sporting events and individual travelers.

• Partner with the local industry to ensure Las Cruces is committed to providing outstanding customer service, a variety of amenities, activities and events that broadens our tourism base.

• Work with the Las Cruces Convention Center to attract business outside of the local area and to ensure that it is run in a fiscally responsible manner.

• Promote enhanced regional tourism.

• Work with the hospitality industry to increase hotel occupancy.


Established by the City of Las Cruces in 1986, the Las Cruces Convention & Visitors Bureau is a full-service destination marketing and management organization offering planning and support services for meetings, group tours, media, sporting and special events. The bureau is funded entirely from the collection of Lodgers Tax, and does not receive funding from the city’s general fund.

Over the years, the department has expanded to accommodate the growing tourism industry in Las Cruces and to provide sales and marketing assistance to the community’s hospitality partners. In 2010 the responsibilities of the bureau expanded to include a partnership with the newly opened Las Cruces Convention Center.

In 2012, the CVB underwent a massive rebranding effort to better respond to the needs and expectations of visitors.

This rebranding effort included a greater involvement in event planning and coordination and led to the creation of the Las Cruces Country Music Festival in 2013. In only its second year, this event has begun generating the kind of
interest and exposure needed to make it a signature event for Las Cruces.

Key people to know:

• Phil San Filippo,Executive Director

• Chris Faivre,Director of Marketing and Communications

• Jennifer Bales,Director of Sales

• Sonia Banuelos,Visitors Center Receptionist

Events and activities:

• Las Cruces Country Music Festival

• Bring it Home Campaign – an ongoing program where local residents can receive cash rewards for referring a meeting or convention that books into Las Cruces.

• SalsaFest!

• NationalTourism Week

• Ticket 2Taste Dining Passport
Future plans:

• We will continue to grow and expand the Las Cruces Country Music Festival to be the premier signature event of all of Southern New Mexico.

• For the first time,the CVB will sponsor the Saturday night before SalsaFest!

allowing the event to turn into a weekend celebration of everything salsa: salsa music, salsa dancing and salsa.

• Continue to work with the State of New Mexico Tourism Department and the Tourism Association of New Mexico to ensure we are providing a quality customer experience.

• StrengthenourTicket2Tasteprogramto include even more restaurant participation.

• Actively promote Las Cruces as a great destination for meetings and conventions.