Jaynes Corporation Business of the Month June

Jun 6th, 2014

Building New Mexico as it grows

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Jaynes Corporation
With cities growing throughout New Mexico and the surrounding area, the de­mand for local construction companies is increasing. Whether it is a new hospital or new home, Jaynes Corp. has created a name for itself in the construction industry.

The Jaynes Corp. headquarters is lo­cated in Albuquerque and it is the parent company of three commercial construction companies in the Southwest. Currently, it operates in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. It focuses on the cultural value of its business with its mission stating, “Jaynes will create a quality built environment – ethically and with integrity – consistently striving to exceed our customer expectations, creat­ing opportunity for employees and associ­ates in a safe and challenging workplace, while achieving maximum value for all stakeholders.”

Jaynes Corp. is a full-service general contractor and provides services in pre-con­struction, building information modeling, general construction, construction manage­ment at risk and design build. Jaynes Corp.
performs commercial construction in both the private and public sectors.

Some local past projects include: the Lincoln County Medical Center in Ruidoso, Pan Am Center renovation, Las Cruces City Hall, Las Cruces Convention Center, the Las Cruces Aquatic Center and, most recently, Rio Grande Medical Office Building.

At this time, the Jaynes Corp. Las Cruces office has ongoing proj­ects
at New Mexico State University, Memorial Medical Center Health Plex Wound Center and Western New Mexico University Light Hall.

With the outstanding service they provide, Jaynes has earned many spots in industry trade journals and organization acknowledgments. Such recognitions
include being named in the top 400 general contractors at the national level, top educational contractor, top New Mexico contractors, top green building contractors, 2014 AGC New Mexico General Contractor of the Year and many other designations. Jaynes Corp. is experienced in and has successfully completed a number of LEED certified projects. Jaynes stays ahead of the competition by focusing on the com­munity and local work force. Vice President of Southern New Mexico Operations Gordon Berch emphasized the importance of hiring local employees for their Las Cruces office.

“Although our corporate headquarters is in Albuquerque, it is very important for us to hire locally, here in Las Cruces,” Berch said. “We do have employees from
Albuquerque that are part of Las Cruces projects, but overall they are managed by the local team. We support the New Mexico work force and focus on providing jobs for New Mexicans.”

Even though Jaynes Corp. provides many jobs for employees throughout New Mexico, the company has seen a decline in potential employees due to uprising jobs around the area.

“One obstacle we currently have to overcome is the lack of qualified employ­ees available due to some in the work force moving to the oil industry,” Berch said. “Due to the high wages these companies are providing, employees are leaving the construction industry, limiting the number of skilled.”

Hiring employees with the skills Jaynes Corp. needs will become a challenge as the construction sector picks up. Jaynes Corp. is currently working toward expanding their Las Cruces office.

“We currently are working on a growth plan for Las Cruces and really hope to grow our presence in this region,” Berch said.