Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces - Business of the Month July 2013

Jul 19th, 2013

Service with style brings loyalty and recognition to area hotel



Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces is a full-service luxury hotel, offer­ing sophisticated living steeped in the grandeur of Spanish Colonial style.

Azul Nightclub & Lounge at Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces lives up to its reputation as the finest bar and lounge in Las Cruces, offering a delectable menu of creative cocktails and innovative cuisine.The hotel originally opened in 1986 as the Hilton Las Cruces. In 1994, the Hilton was purchased by the New Mexico-based American Property Management Company (APMC). In 2005, APMC became Heritage Hotels and Resorts Inc., with the goal of developing inde­pendent hotels that preserve New Mexico’s rich cultural tradition and draw upon the Southwest’s unique and colorful heritage. In October 2006, after an extensive renova­tion, the Hilton was transformed into Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces.

“We are culturally distinc­tive,” said Hotel Encanto General Manager Belia Alvarez, who over­sees the hotel’s planning, commu­nity relations, organization and control, from service to finance.

Seven years ago, when the hotel was still the Hilton, Alvarez served as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

“I rejoined this incredible com­pany and have been thrilled with both the facility improvements and the quality of a team that I am more than honored to lead and work side-by-side with,” she said. “When you’re here, you’ll enjoy a hotel that reflects the area while delivering an authentic and quality service experience through a warm and knowledgeable staff.”

The guest experience at Hotel Encanto is critically important to Alvarez’s team.

“We not only dedicate our­selves to ‘wow’ our guest, we strive to amaze them,” she said.

Hotel Encanto is continuously ranked No. 1 on Trip Advisor and recently received a Trip Advisor of Excellence Award.

“We’re both honored and thrilled that our loyal and val­ued guests have supported this achievement,” she said.

Hotel Encanto offers 202 rooms, including seven special suites, and features Garduño’s Restaurant & Cantina, successfully relaunched last summer, and Azul Nightclub & Lounge.

The hotel is most often complimented on its culture and authenticity.

“When people travel to Las Cruces or southern New Mexico, they think of Hotel Encanto,”
Alvarez said. In 2012, Hotel Encanto expanded its commit­ment to the community’s cul­tural heritage by donating a por­tion of every room night’s rev­enue to the Friends of the Taylor Family Monument. The group is a registered nonprofit organiza­tion that supports the Taylor-Barela-Reynolds-Mesilla State Monument. Hotel Encanto’s donations helped develop inno­vative educational programs for elementary school children, con­duct oral histories and prepare video presentations about Mesilla plaza. Underwriting these proj­ects illustrates the commitment of Hotel Encanto, as well as that of Heritage Hotels and Resorts, to expand opportunities for public appreciation and enjoyment of our cultural heritage.

Alvarez said she is proud of the leadership of the Heritage Hotels & Resorts Executive Team, along with their founder and CEO, Jim Long, who was recently recognized at the state Legislature as one of New Mexico’s leading cultural en­trepreneurs, focusing upon cultural preservation and advancement.

Long and his team currently are working with award-winning landscape architect Greg Trutza to design Hotel Encanto’s unique outdoor enhancements, adding a fresh, resort-style feel to the prop­erty, resulting in an oasis like noth­ing
else in the region.

The enhancements include:

• Poolareawithupperterrace

• Upperterracegarden

• 14renovatedupperterracegar­den pool rooms

• New20-by-60-footpoollined with palm trees and an adja­cent luxurious new jacuzzi

• Azulpatioexpansionanden­hancement • JardínSagrado,anewlush“sa­cred garden” “We’re extremely excited about our soon-to-be completed outdoor enhancements,” Alvarez said.

Hotel Encanto expects the outdoor enhancements to be com­pleted this summer.

“Stay with us awhile and we’ll stay with you for a lifetime.”