Hotel Encanto - Business of the Month October 2014

Oct 12th, 2014

Incorporating the local culture
Local hotel is now a partner with Virgin Galactic

The southern New Mexico culture can be seen throughout the Las Cruces area.Opening in 1986, the former Hilton Las Cruces became Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces in 2006 after it joined Heritage Hotels & Resorts.

One business in particular has made its purpose to preserve the cultural heritage of the community and its surrounding areas. Inside the walls and exterior of Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, the facility is flourishing with vibrant colors and unique features.

“To successfully provide a unique and culturally authentic experience for our guests,” is Hotel Encanto’s mission statement.

Hotel Encanto opened as the Hilton Las Cruces in October 1986 and operated as a Hilton until September 2006 when it became Hotel Encanto. The hotel has been part of the collection of hotels that would become Heritage Hotels & Resorts since 1994.

The hotel went through a substantial internal renovation in 2006 and completed a dramatic outdoor renovation in July 2013, which gave the hotel a more resort– style experience. In July, it became the exclusive hotel partner for Virgin Galactic and its operations.

“We are excited to work closely with them and continue to refine our hotel experience to accommodate their clients,” said sales manager James Wilson.

Hotel Encanto was originally built to provide a successful branded hotel experience for Las Cruces. Since 1994, it has tried to improve this experience through ownership and management by a New Mexico company that is committed to the state and its communities.

Hotel Encanto is part of Heritage Hotels & Resorts, which, through design, dcor, music, food, etc., works to create an authentic experience for the communities in which its hotels are located. Additionally, each hotel supports a cultural cause to help preserve its local traditions and cultural heritage. They had previously supported the J. Paul Taylor House for several years and are currently considering new opportunities to give back.

“We see Hotel Encanto continuing to be the leading community hotel that serves as the hub for both the business and social needs of Las Cruces,” Wilson said. “We anticipated continued growth in Las Cruces and we will work diligently to serve the needs of our local community and the visitors to our wonderful city. Additionally, we are confident that we continue to be a valuable partner with Virgin Galactic and other commercial space-related companies that will support Spaceport America and our community.”

The decision to become an independent hotel and move away from a brand was initially a challenge for the hotel, but the staff is excited about the future and its growing reputation. It was a successful Hilton hotel and, as a team, the staff had the vision and courage to try to create something even more special. The staff had to rebuild many of the systems and marketing efforts, but the result has been very successful.

Hotel Encanto remains committed to Las Cruces and its needs for quality lodging and meeting facilities. It looks to improve daily. Its hotel and company continue to have an excellent relationship with Hilton Hotels. Hotel administration made the decision to leave the brand in 2006 but always recognize its quality and strength.

“Our company built and, as of June 2014, we manage the Hilton Garden Inn in Las Cruces providing the best branded and independent hotel experiences in Las Cruces,” Wilson said.

Improve a little every day with every guest experience and remember that growing business is critical to everything it is trying to accomplish is Hotel Encanto’s goal.

"It remains our goal to be successful so that we can continue provide jobs for our team members and to give back to organizations that work daily to preserve our cultural heritage of our region and New Mexico,” Wilson said.