Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing - Small Business of the Month August 2015

Aug 10th, 2015

1203 N. Main St, Las Cruces NM, 88001 | 575-644-9083 or 575-647-(KICK)5425 |

Business prospers to help the community

Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing’s mission states, “To motivate, build, and develop strong and positive kids and adults. We strive to prepare you for today’s society while instilling the traditional values of respect, discipline, and self-confidence. Our combination of Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and grappling develop self-defense training skills that are necessary for today’s world. We offer a professional, safe, and clean Guzmab Sport Karate Kickboxin Chamber 2015 August Small Business of the Month family environment.”

The business first opened in June of 2001 on Mesquite Street.

“I chose this location so that I could make a difference in a neighborhood that had a history of drug and gang violence,” said owner Eli Guzman said. “In doing so, a positive impact was noticeable in that neighborhood. Many martial arts champions were born in that location on Mesquite St.”

Guzman later was able to purchase a building on North Main Street where he continued to grow and prosper.

Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing’s purpose is to inspire the youth so they can become community leaders and to teach them to have a “Yes I Can!” attitude.

“We serve both youth and adults in a way that will give them building blocks to believe and achieve in a way that few other businesses can,” Guzman said.

Guzman’s ambition to start a business arose from a hobby that combined with a dream of opening his own business which was fueled by love and passion for the martial arts. “I have always been inspired by Bruce Lee and his life story,” he said. Guzman describes his business uniqueness due to the opportunity it gives him to teach others the values of respect, discipline, self confidence, self defense dedication and leadership.

In the future, Guzman would like to continue to prosper and continue to give value to all those who go through their doors and in turn give value to our community.

Guzman stays ahead of his competitors by pursing and continually educating himself from the best and most successful in the industry. He is not afraid to work hard and give his all. He is always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

When asked what advice Guzan would give to a new small business he said, “Start small and find people who inspire you. Surround yourself with successful people. Owning your own business is not a race but a marathon. Always give back to your community. Give without expecting to receive. Don’t listen to the naysayers.”

Guzman Sport Karate Kickboxing is not only a martial arts business but offer an environment where people can grow to reach their fullest potential. The business focuses on instilling the values that give people the courage to break out of an “I can’t” mentality and truly believing that they can in every area of their life.

One day Guzman hopes to expand into other cities in New Mexico to spread a love and passion of the martial arts.