Fundraising efforts continue for the Armijo House

Mar 16th, 2015

WestStar Bank Market President & Commercial Lender Mike Cheney and President Larry Patton present Bill Allen, center, of the Chamber with a donation for the Armijo House restoration. Fundraising efforts continue for the Armijo HouseThe finish line is in sight, if you have good eyes. A good portion of the renovation work has been completed. We are working to finalize the subcontractors so we can finish some of the inner workings of the building – plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roof, etc. – before we go back with the more cosmetic touches.

That said, the building was more challenged than we anticipated, utilizing three different engineering studies available to us. Along with those challenges came more costs. We are still very much in a fundraising mode, and need as much support from the community that we can get in order to complete the project.

Market Presiden Craig Buchanan and Community Banking Treasury Management & Payments Consultant Karen Bailey from U.S. Bank present Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Bill Allen with a donation for the restoration of the Armijo House.This building will eventually be restored to circa 1914 and will be a wonderful historic symbol for people to enjoy. We anticipate numerous pieces of period furniture will be placed in the house, along with artwork. It really will be something to see.

We have seen several buildings in the area that date back to the late 1800s go by the way of the wrecking ball. We have saved this one and are excited to share with the community once it is completed.

We appreciate any and every gift or donation that we receive.