From the Chair - Meet in the middle

Jul 14th, 2014

Mike Beckett, Chair of the Board Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceIn 1880s Las Cruces, most of the Republicans were the native New Mexicans and the Democrats were immigrants from Texas. These two cultures had very different ways of looking at the world and how things should be done. Th enewspapersatthat time were either Democrat or Republican and even reflected that fact in their names, like “The Rio Grande Republican” or “The Thirty-Four,” thirty­four referring to the 1878 or 1880 election where Democrats won by 34 votes. Your political leaning even dictated what side of Main Street you walked on.

Today we talk about political divides, but they truly are less defined than a century or so ago. When it comes to economic development and what is beneficial for the business community as well as livability in our region, we come together at the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, we meet in the middle. We are made up of left, right and everything in between. We work together to advocate for things that make sense for long-term prosperity. This is illustrated when we take relevant issues head on and work toward a reasonable compromise.

We are also united in our commitment to the culture of Las Cruces, which is exemplified in our restoring and reusing the landmark Armijo Home in the city center.

Now is the time to join an organization that is committed to the community and is working hard to ensure that the greater Las Cruces region has the brightest possible future and is an example of what a New Mexico city can be.

Mike Beckett, Chair of the Board Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce