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Sep 1st, 2014

Did you know that 70% of parents with young children do not have a will? Estrada Law PC will show you how to “plan while you still can” and will take the time to consult with you on the very important issue of protecting you and your families assets. Do you ever wonder what would happen to you and your assets, if you become disabled? If you have ever wondered the answers to these questions don’t hesitate to educate yourself by attending one of Michele Ungvarsky “Protect Your Assets” – Workshops. Estrada Law PC’s Michele Ungvarsky will walk you through an educational doorway into knowing that your family and your assets will have protection from creditors and predators and you and your family will enjoy peace of mind.

Publicity Notes:
Michele doesn’t mind at all if you pick up the phone and call to ask questions or stop by the Arrowhead Executive Office Center and schedule your appointment today. Workshops this month Thursday August 14th 6pm, Tuesday August 19th 11:30am at the Executive Office Center and on Tuesday August 26th in Anthony at the Women’s Cultural Center, in Anthony New Mexico.

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Attorney, Michele Ungvarsky offers legal services including ESTATE PLANNING (Wills and Codicils, Adult and Minor, Guardian Designations, Tax Planning, Durable Power of Attorney for Business and Finances, Medical Power of Attorney) PROBATE