eBiz - interested in helping the children attending public school at WSMR

Jul 5th, 2016

To all individuals/companies interested in helping the children attending
public school at WSMR.

Just in case everyone does not know, here at WSMR we have a public school
that is part of the Las Cruces School District.

Every year prior to school starting we have an event called the First Day of
School Holiday.
(see flyer attached from 2015)

This year it will be on Thursday August 11th, 2016.

At this event all kids and parents are able to meet the teachers, get
information, receive school supplies etc.

Our goal is to give every kid a back pack and all the supplies they will
need for school.

For any company that donates to this cause, their company name will be shown
on the flyer (see attached flyer from 2015) and they will have an
opportunity to advertise their products at a table.  Tents will be set up
outside and tables will be set up under the tents.
Parents and children will walk by your tables.
All parents will receive the flyer with your company name on it.

Any amount donated will be extremely appreciated and every penny goes to the
supplies for the kids.

If anyone has any questions please call or email me.

Your support is very much needed and appreciated.

Thank You
Mark Vest
Marketing Manager
Family and Morale, Welfare, Recreation
Building 501, Aberdeen Avenue, Room 10
White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002
OFFICE 575-674-4205
FAX 575-678-1976
DSN 258-4205