Doña Ana Legislative Coalition

Jan 26th, 2015

Group of partners work to formulate requests

By Bill Allen


After reading a comment about the Doña Ana Legislative Coalition recently, it spurred the need to provide some clarity as to the mission of the group.

Doña Ana Legislative Coalition The group is made up of representatives from New Mexico State University, the Las Cruces Public Schools, the Gadsden School District, the Hatch Valley Public School, the City of Las Cruces, Doa Ana County, the Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance, the Las Cruces Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce. The makeup of the group always leads to community related requests designed to improve the quality of life in southern New Mexico.

The group’s purpose is to come together and develop items that can be taken to Santa Fe during the annual legislative session.

This year’s session will run for 60 days, and with the drop in oil prices, which typically fund a good portion of the state’s budget, our legislators will face even more challenges than they have the last few years. Some of our issues come in the form of capital funding requests, some operational funding requests and some legislative change requests that will improve the communities of Doa Ana County.

The real beauty of the group is that when all of these separate entities pull together, it makes the requests more
compelling. The final list is approved by the entire group before it is disseminated to any of our legislators.

The Doa Ana County Legislative Coalition has been meeting since shortly after Labor Day to put together a slate of items to benefit southern New Mexico that will be delivered to the New Mexico legislature during Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe.

Those attending the upcoming Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe will be receiving
multiple communications with this year’s list of items before you head north.

The items will also be listed in the 2015 Legislative Guide published by the Las Cruces Bulletin which will be available very soon.

Those still interested in attending Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe – planned for Saturday, January 31st through Monday, February 2nd should call the Chamber at 524.1968 for more information.

The group’s purpose is to ... develop items that can be taken to Santa Fe