Do you have a road map?

Jun 22nd, 2015

I realized that when I started my agency nine years ago, I needed to be thinking about a road map. Since many of us are going on summer vacation, we all need a plan. Many of us old folks used a paper map on how to get to our destination. We prepare ourselves for the trip. My destination is retirement and traveling. The first thing is to find a place, put the sign in front of your door, and hire employees. I did that and now what? I have done my homework and back in 2006 there were 146 insurance agencies in Las Cruces. How do I make myself different from them? How do I brand myself? We did not have family and only one couple as friends.

My ribbon was cut on May 1, 2006 and the Chamber of Commerce was there. I love the blue jackets and pins MARY IADICICCOand everyone welcomed me. I received a plague with my red ribbon, which I hang proudly. I had asked one of the Conquistadores on how do I become a Conquistadore? I waited my six months and was voted in. I have attended ribbon cuttings, ground breakings, business after hours, attended luncheons and workshops as well as joining committees and making contacts.

This road map holds true for my both my spiritual and personal life. I cannot be productive unless I have balance. I can work 12 hours a day, seven days per week, but in the long run I will be burned out. I have met so many people in church and other community involvement which became my customers because they trust and know me. I set up time to be with my husband so he accompanies me to community events.

During my road trip, I get road blocks, how do I overcome them? I can picture my destination and I have to make sure I don’t run out of money to continue my trip and not get discouraged. I keep my focus on my destination and not lose sight. I hire good employees and have good friends and my husband to cheer me on.

I have a customer who started his business three years ago and now he is at a standstill. He needs more customers in order to stay in business. I had asked him if he is interested in joining the Chamber and I also asked him if he would like to come with me to one of the Chamber events. He needs to bring business cards and I will introduce him to other business people. As a Conquistadore, this is my favorite part – introducing business people to other business people. You cannot sit in your car and still dream to reach your destination unless you have a plan and put that car in drive.

Where are you going? Do you have a road map? Start by calling the Chamber and that would be your first step to reaching your destination.