Dig a little deeper

May 8th, 2014

We are bombarded by so much information these days, it’s difficult to determine if our decisions Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce are fact based or made as a result of information we get in sound bites.

I really like my smartphone – most of the time. I get so distracted by beeps and pings, at times I don’t give a piece of information the time it deserves.

I wonder if we all don’t fall into that pattern. For example, do you favor protecting the Organ Mountains? I trust the majority of
responses would be “yes.” I recently toured the Potrillo Mountains, bombing range and New Mexico-Mexico border. The majority of the area I saw is a part of the S 1805 Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument being pushed on southern New Mexico. I was also shown some of the county roads that would be abandoned if this bill becomes law.

It’s hard to fathom $7.4 million of incremental tourist revenue created by people coming to see the area. All I can say is they better be extremely fit. I was in a Jeep and it was slow going. If you cannot get close to some of those areas because mechanized vehicles will no longer be permitted, who will have the fortitude to make the trek?

Back to that pattern gain, does anyone want to see people struggle financially? Of course not. So, increasing the minimum wage seems like a logical way to handle that problem, right? Maybe, maybe not. What if as a result people who are currently working lose their jobs? What if people who have invested greatly in something they are passionate about close their doors – and more people lose their jobs?

We are all business people. Answer this: If costs are increased at your business, what are your alternatives? What if those cost increases are forced upon you, so chances are that it won’t help drive more business? There are two options: increase revenue to offset those costs or decrease other costs. Neither option is preferable and, in either case, would result in an unintended consequence.

Dig deeper, ask questions, expect logical answers and do research before you come a conclusion. Take the time necessary.

Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce