DACC to Seek Approval for Bond Election

Jan 19th, 2015

Las Cruces -- The Doña Ana Community College (DACC) advisory board has approved a countywide bond issue to benefit college and high school students in Doña Ana County. The bond election will be held on February 3, 2015. This bond issue will not raise taxes on county residents and will raise more than $20 million for needed capital and operating funds. 

The capital funding will be used to address safety and technology issues. For example crumbling infrastructure in the 40 year-old Central Campus Main Building will be corrected. Other capital funding will purchase new technology and equipment to prepare employees to enter the workforce.  A portion of the bond funding will be used to expand the DACC Gadsden education center to complement efforts for an early college high school.    

The operating funds will address several key strategic areas for DACC.  It will help DACC with costs associated with the number of students taking dual credit classes or enrolling in early college high schools in Doña Ana County. Dual credit and early college high school students require wrap-around services to ensure success. 

Several DACC learning centers have experienced growth and a portion of this funding will be utilized for student support services at these locations. In addition our certificate programs are in high demand at several of our outlying centers, operating funds will ensure that we can meet the needs of students at these centers. 

DACC is committed to enhancing and building the workforce of Doña Ana County by graduating students who demonstrate superior skills in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, engaging in ethical practices and showing leadership potential. 

The community college enables a diverse community of learners to master and enhance workplace skills. The county’s future workforce receives training in a safe learning environment mastering the equipment they will use in their future jobs.