Cowboys For Cancer Research, Inc. Nonprofit of the Month - November 2014

Nov 17th, 2014

P.O. BOX 202, DOA ANA, NM 88032, 575-642-5696, 575-642-5693, WWW.C4CR.COM , WWW.COWBOYSFORCANCERRESEARCH.ORG


Dedicated to raising money to support ongoing cancer research projects at New Mexico State University and University of New Mexico Cancer Center.

Purpose: Providing funding for cancer research at NMSU and UNM Cancer Center. Create awareness of the disease and the treatments available.

Key goals:

Cowboy for Caner Research goal is to promote and further research in the fight against cancer now.

The C4CR goal is to continue to be successful in educating others about the cancer research being done at NMSU and at the UNM Cancer Center and to educate others as to the treatments available for this terrible disease. C4CR’s goal is to hold quality, community events that raise funds to support this cancer research.

C4CR will never give up the fight.

C4CR will never lose faith.

C4CR will never stand still for those who say it can’t be done.

Together we will make a difference.

Those who are suffering are counting on us to be true to the cause.


C4CR began in 1982, with a small group of friends holding a team roping and barbecue, held in memory of a friend, Alam Cohorn, who lost her fight with breast cancer. The funds raised in 1982 were sent to the UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center “to be used where needed.”

In 2014, C4CR celebrated its 32nd anniversary with three fundraising events: the third annual C4CR Golf Tournament; the 32nd annual C4CR Team Roping and the 10th annual C4CR Dinner Dance and Silent Auction.

C4CR receives contribution from throughout the United States, Canada and even from servicemen serving in Afghanistan.

The C4CR Board of Directors is made up of a very diversified group of nine business men and women from the Las Cruces community. Many local volunteers work together to host successful C4CR events. Groups from throughout New Mexico hold fundraising events throughout the year in support of Cowboys for Cancer Research.

Locally, the NMSU Aggies Are Tough Enough To Wear Pink volunteer group holds many fundraising events during the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

Other groups such as the Doa Ana County Sheriff ’s Posse, local schools, churches and service organizations are just a few on the C4CR Team, working for a cure.

Key people to know:

Lynn Arnold, president Brandan Bagwell Bryan Bagwell, vice president Mike Black, vice president Kevin Davis Cynthia Lopez, secretary Matt Saenz, treasurer Ralph Richards NMSU TETWP Representative Denny and Geraldine Calhoun, coexecutive directors

Events and activities:

• Fourth annual Cowboys for Cancer Research Golf Tournament, Aug.

28, 2015, at NMSU

• 33rd annualTeam Roping,Sept.1920, 2015 (tenative date), Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds

• 11th annual Dinner Dance Silent Auction Oct. 2 or 9, 2015 (tenative date), Las Cruces Convention Center

Future plans:

C4CR plans to continue what has worked for 32 years, while adding new events to create awareness of this terrible disease and the treatments available.

C4CR invites you and your organization in the Las Cruces community and surrounding areas and throughout the country to join the C4CR team.

Join C4CR in working for a cure.