Conquistadores support history

Apr 18th, 2013

By Stacie Allen

History was honored Sunday, March 17, during the annual Bataan Memorial Stacie Allen, Chair of the Conquistadores 2013Death March. A group of Conquistadores and FirstLight Federal Credit Union employees met before the sun came up and ventured over to White Sands Missile Range to volunteer their time and show support to the local individuals and the many who have traveled across the county to be part of this event.

We have manned water station No. 2 for many years. Again this year, we cut up thousands of oranges and bananas and poured thousands of cups of Gatorade – which we handed out to more than 5,800 marchers, runners and walkers.

It was a great inspiration to see a variety of people – men, women, children, civilians, soldiers and many with physical restrictions and disabilities compete in this race. Nothing stops them! We are lucky to have had a small part in this event and spend the day showing our support.

The volunteers from the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce and FirstLight Federal Credit Union pose with a Bataan survivor the day of the march.Kari Shepan, our special events chair, did an amazing job coordinating all of the details and recruiting volunteers. Thank you to our hard-working, participating Conquistadores and some of their family members: Terry and Mike Gaume, Mary and Jerry Iadicicco, Ron Salak, Sarah Stegall, Troy Tudor, Leslie Martinez and son Clay, Don Buck, Rick Altamirano, Jodie and Tommy Brdecko, Lorna Harris, Doug Boberg, Derek Boberg, Lupe Rios, Kayla Bassing, Grant Buck and Audrey Valdez.

A big thank you goes to the FirstLight Federal Credit Union employees who volunteered with the Conquistadores. Thank you to Savonne Griffin for inviting your FirstLight Federal Credit Union colleagues to be part of this each year and we look forward to volunteering with you all again in 2014.

I am sure the time, energy, smiles and cheers each one of these volunteers gave during this event had a positive impact on all of the participants.

We are here to support each other and our American history. I am honored to be part of this group!

Stacie Allen, Chair of the Council of Conquistadores 2013

The Conqusitadores and FirstLight Federal Credit Union volunteers get going early with generators Sunday, March 17, in order to be ready for the first batch of runners at this year’s Bataan Memorial Death March.Volunteers man both sides of the road as the runners approach.