Conquistadores give back to the community

Apr 23rd, 2014

Start-up business benefits from Chamber connection

Every quarter, the Council of Conquistadores, the goodwill ambassa­dors for the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, selects a new business to be awarded with the New Small & Minority Business Scholarship. The council selects applicants and engages them in a mentor­ship program, which will provide guidance and assistance through Chamber resources.

The first quarter, the Conquistadores
awarded OneEighty, a start-up company, with the scholarship. OneEighty provides free memberships to the Las Cruces com­munity to access discounted offers from lo­cal merchants. At its website, http://for180. com, customers can customize what offers they would like to be notified about. The business has made looking for deals simple and mobile.

The creation of OneEighty began three years ago when the founders wanted to help small businesses who had been underserved with marketing strategies. Small businesses
were having a difficult time competing with the marketing tools that were designed for larger businesses. OneEighty found the in­spiration of using technical marketing tech­niques to help small businesses reach their marketing goals.

Founder Timothy Swope said launching OneEighty was not an easy process.

“The most difficult challenge was en­countering obstacles that we did not for see,” he said.

Through the ups and downs of launch­ing a start-up business, OneEighty found the drive to not give up its goal.

OneEighty owes a big part of its success
to the Arrowhead Technology Incubator, which was huge resource for the develop­ment of the business.

“Arrowhead has assisted us in so many ways such as helping us shave time off the process and in helping us grow,” Swope said.

OneEighty has big plans ahead to expand to metropolitan areas, such as Albuquerque, and making Las Cruces it headquarters. OneEighty has already seen great benefits from be awarded the Conquistador New Small & Minority Business Scholarship.

“Arrowhead actually pointed us to be in­volved with the Chamber,” Swope said. “We are making new connections through the networking events and the best part is the Chamber’s willingness to help.”