Conquistadore Corner - October 2014

Nov 3rd, 2014

How busy is busy?

If you ever need to know the answer to “How busy is busy?” ask a Conquistadore with the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce.

Rick Jackson, Conquistadores Chair Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceThis summer was an example of busy. The Conquistadors have been honored to attend – now put this on your schedule and don’t forget that you also have a full-time job – the following events: four ground breakings, more than 40 ribbon cuttings, 20-plus Business of the Month presentations, five Business After Hours, a summer quarterly and, most recently, our fall quarterly.

If you are on a committee, you had more than 55 opportunities to fill the gaps in your calendar with Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe, Military Affairs, Retention, Executive Council Meeting, Thank You Team WSMR and many more committee meetings.

Now that you’re on a committee it is time to call other Conquistadores for their help, planning your next event, call Chamber members for use of their establishment and coordinate rental items, food for the events, scheduling, logistical support and I can go on and on. Sometimes you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

It takes a very special person to be a Conquistadore. If you’re not up to doing the above, then step aside and watch others do greatness. Being a Conquistadore is an honor and a privilege. Being able to witness success from the business community, being a part of special events such as the Bataan Memorial Death March and Thank You Team WSMR and being present when a local business receives an award for being the best for the month in their category always answers the question “Why do I do this?” Then when everything comes together during the annual awards banquet, it all seems worth it.

At the end of the year, under your breath you tell yourself that you won’t do that again. Then the phone call comes and it’s the new chair asking for your continued support and involvement because you did such a great job, you sigh and say, “I’m honored you asked and I would love to.” Here we go again.

I mentioned earlier that we just had our fall quarterly. It was a huge success thanks to Karissa Doan, who plans and coordinates our quarterlies. We inducted four new members to the ranks of Conquistadore, and I would like the community to help me welcome Stephanie Armitage, Jack Barclay, Brigitte Zigelhoffer and, back to the ranks, Brian Crawford. They have demonstrated they have what it takes to be an active Conquistadore and I’m proud to stand beside them.

One more, and probably the most important person to me as the chair this year, is Cyndi Armijo at the Chamber office. Our presence at all the events would not be possible without her sending numerous emails as reminders and doing such a fantastic job. Thank you, Cyndi.

This year is about over and we still have a full schedule ahead, so I must take this time to give a huge thanks to all the Conquistadores who have attended these events. The success of this group is about what you do and your support.

Rick Jackson, Conquistadores Chair Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce