Conquistadore Corner - July 2015

Jul 27th, 2015

That special moment

As a Conquistadore, there are those special moments that I will never forget. We had a ribbon cutting and anMary Idaccico Conquistadore Corner Bottom Line open house at Desert Peak Assisted Living. Our very own Conquistadore Dan Duggan, also a veteran himself, was presenting awards to those who serviced our country in WWII and other wars. As the plaques were given out, the smiles of those men and women grew wider — some sitting in wheelchairs holding an American flag. I looked around and found people cheering and some with tears of joy.

I decided to stay and there was music from my friend Frankie’s Oldies but Goodies Band, and when the staff (as well as family members) brought the seniors to the dance floor, it was as if nothing else mattered. Some could not walk, but they still danced to their favorite song. I noticed one woman was getting tired, yet she wanted to continue dancing. She was picked up and held by one young man. I saw her say “thank you” to that young man. I would have not experienced that unless I was a Conquistadore.

I saw young men and women with no arms or no legs. I saw veterans and their family members wearing shirts with a picture of a relative who died serving our country marching at the Bataan Death March, all the while proudly holding the American flag. Had I not been a Conquistadore and volunteered to hand out water, I would not has been witness to that moment.

I attend ribbon cuttings and ground breakings as local business owners are getting ready to cut the red ribbon.

A Conquistadore is holding each side of the ribbon and a proclamation is being held by one of the owners or partners. They hold the scissors open, ready to cut the ribbon. That moment when the countdown to cut the ribbon begins, the expression on everyone’s face is priceless. This cannot be witnessed unless you are a Conquistadore.

Being a Conquistadore is not only about going to ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and the occasional party. It also about bringing you closer to the community and to its people. It’s about that special moment when you feel and witness so many emotions. In moments like that, time just gets away from you.

If you want to represent your business and tell the community that you care about helping our community, please call me at 575522-4350 or call the Chamber of Commerce at 575-524-1968.

Mary Iadicicco Chair of Conquistadores 2015 Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce