Call for information

Mar 16th, 2015

We are two months into 2015 and two months into the first phase of a new minimum wage in the city of Las Cruces. So, what is the impact so far? According to Mayor Ken Miyagishima at a recent City Council work session, all must be OK because he hasn’t heard from the business community. Really?

I have been accumulating various bits of information to share with the council before it decides on the next Russell Allen, Chair of the Board Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commercephase of increases. I have examples
of changes in store hours, price increases and changes in workforce hours – all attributable to the increase in the minimum wage. The consequences we are seeing are exactly what we forecasted and discussed numerous times prior to last year’s vote – and the worst is yet to come if we don’t provide real life instances for the council to consider.

My request of you, our business community, is to send us examples of changes you run across. It could be within your own organization – did you have to your reduce staff, reduce employee hours, increase prices? It could be as you are out around town.

I have received copies of letters on this subject. I’ve received text messages with photos of signs on store windows stating things like, “We are proud to have served Las Cruces for over 10 years. Our last price increase was 10 years ago. Unfortunately with rising costs in minimum wage … it is now necessary for us to meet the challenges of the future with raising prices.”

It is sad that a business needs to apologize for wanting to stay afloat.

It is up to us a collective group to inform those that make important decisions that impact our community, exactly what those decisions mean. So please send any information, correspondence or photos to us so we can show what the impact, of what was a difficult decision, really is to our community before the next decision is rendered.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce