Building relationships

Sep 15th, 2014

Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceThe Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce does a terrific job of providing networking opportunities.

With more than 50 events each year, there is always a chance to meet your next customer or make sure that you stay in touch with a current client. Networking is truly one of the linchpins of the Chamber’s program of work.

However, instead of using “networking,” I prefer to call it “building business relationships.” That is what we are really helping to facilitate.

Last week, the New Mexico Chamber Executives Association held its summer conference in Ruidoso. It was an opportunity for Troy and me to build better relationships with our peers from around the state. We had 30 chamber folks from cities both big and small, from Albuquerque to Angel Fire and anywhere and everywhere in between.

The agenda for the day-and-a-half conference was packed, but the parts I found most beneficial were the break periods and after dinner when we had the chance to sit around and simply talk in order to find out how other chambers were doing things.

We are on a continuous improvement quest and I don’t feel the need to be original – if a program or service is working real well at another chamber – there’s no reason not to benchmark it and tweak it to improve what we are offering.

These events, which take place two times a year, provide a great venue for us to get to know our colleagues better. This industry sees more than its fair share of turnover, so there is always a new face in the group. It also gives a foundation, a higher degree of comfort, so we can reach out to one another to ask questions. The added bonus is that we are not competing with each other, so the sharing of ideas is not a problem.

So we, like you, are always trying to build better business relationships. It’s critical that the services we provide as part of your investment in the Chamber continue to drive better value every year.

Bill Allen, President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce